A Baby Plant Dragon and its Adult form.

The Plant Dragon is the first available dragon in DragonVale. As a baby it is a two-legged green creature with tiny wings and darker green wingspan. It has a crown-like head and large eyes.

Game DescriptionEdit

"People will love to come see your Plant Dragons play in their beautiful green habitats. They are the friendliest of all the dragons and make great pets!"


The Plant Dragon originally cannot be bred, as it is sold in the Market for 100 DragonCash. When you have bought a Breeding Cave/Enchanted Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island/Epic Breeding Sanctuary, you can select the following combinations in the slideshow to breed.

  • Plant + Plant
  • Ironwood + Metal
  • Ironwood + Plant
  • Malachite + Metal
  • Malachite + Plant
  • Malachite + Ironwood

How you know you've got a Plant Dragon

A Plant Dragon's egg is a pinkish white like all other Pure element dragons. It's patern (which means its hybrid's secondary element) is three swirls of green which resemble grass. It's main colour for the hybrids (who have it for their primary element) is green.