A Baby Earth Dragon with its Adult form

The Earth Dragon is the second available dragon in DragonVale. As a baby it has a lighter brown skin that its Teen and Adult forms. It doesn't appear to have a mouth at its first stage, and its eyes are opposite colours (in the way that means its pupils are white and the rest is black). It has small white stones around its crown-like neck and three down its back, leading to another two on its short stubby tail.

Game DescriptionEdit

"Despite the harshness of their habitat, the Earth Dragon is the least restless of all known breeds. They are supremely well adapted for their desert homes with thick skin and large bodies to store water. The spikes on their backs offer protection from predators, but honestly, what animal in its right mind would think to take on one of these massive beasts?"


The Plant Dragon originally cannot be bred, as it is sold in the Market for 75 DragonCash. When you have bought a Breeding Cave/Enchanted Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island/Epic Breeding Sanctuary, you can select the following combinations in the slideshow to breed.

  • Earth + Earth
  • Air + Dodo
  • Earth + Dodo
  • Air + Sandstorm
  • Earth + Sandstorm
  • Dodo + Sandstorm

How you know you've got an Earth Dragon

An Earth Dragon's egg is a pinkish white like all other Pure element dragons. It's patern (which means its hybrid's secondary element) is six silver diamonds scattered all around the egg, which resemble stones and rocks. It's main colour for the hybrids (who have it for their primary element) is brown.