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Welcome to the DragonVale Breeding WikiEdit

Your peacefully playing DragonVale, and then want a rare or non-rare, but can't get any! Darn it! Why not? You might be getting the combination right, but how do you know? By going on the internet and come to this wiki! The Dragon Vale Breeding wiki gives you information about the rarity of all the dragons in DragonVale, when you can get them, what combinations you can breed them with, etc.

DragonVale BreedingEdit


What is it?Edit

It's a app where you can raise, breed, race, and participate over 50 different dragons! Every month of the year a Gemstone Dragon is released. This month is the Turqoise Dragon, it's limited till the end of the year. On January there'll be a new Gemstone Dragon! But there aren't just Gemstone Dragons: there are eight different main elements and their normal and opposite hybrids that each make a different income of DragonCash. There are also Epic Dragons (with a Gemstone subcategory) like Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Seasonal... t rare or legedarys 

This wikiEdit

What's in about 50% of the pages?Edit

About 50% of the pages is how to breed every single dragon on DragonVale. It also comes with what you can get by breeding two dragons together. Who knows: you might even have a rather high possibility of getting the rarest of all DragonVale dragons? The rest of the pages store information about all the dragons you can breed.

What else is there?Edit

There is a calculator of all the possible results of breeding two dragons, a Combination Finder so you know what combinations you need to get a specific dragon, a simulator of how many times you can a dragon in 1, 10, 100, or 1000 breedings.

Latest activityEdit

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